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Leading Esthetician, Facialist, and Skincare Expert

Candid Class Studio is a skincare spa in Broadview Heights, OH offering custom facial treatments and massages. My goal is to provide you with professional, relaxing, results-driven treatments to make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin!


There is a wealth of misinformation about skincare and it can be difficult to find the truth. I equip you with what you need to care for your skin, and I walk with you to overcome your obstacles and reach your skin goals. I believe being informed is the first step to being empowered.




Every person is unique and so is their skin, so no two treatments I perform are the same. I offer effective and progressive treatments to help you look and feel great. I also work with you to choreograph a custom home skincare routine tailored to your needs and preferences.

Physical touch is known to improve the function of our immune systems as well as reduce diseases associated with the heart and blood. Your treatment will always include intuitive massage to release tension, relieve sinuses, and tone your muscles.

About me

Years of my own skin struggles are what launched me into the world of esthetics. Debilitating acne had me questioning my decisions, my self-worth, and sometimes my sanity. This experience became my motivation to make sure every woman feels cared for and empowered when it comes to her appearance.

As an avid and life-long learner, I take pride in keeping up with the newest skin treatments to be able to provide you with the expert skin care you deserve.


I specialize in nurturing and restoring skin function with a gentle, "less-is-more" approach that prioritizes your skin's health and avoids undue stress. I believe in the transformative power of massage and tailor each treatment to meet your unique needs, recognizing the profound connection between our skin and overall wellness.

My mission is to guide you in uncovering the root causes of your skin concerns and crafting a personalized plan of action. By doing so, I aim to not only save you time and resources but also protect your skin from any harm that may arise from using inappropriate products. Ultimately, I aspire for you to leave your treatment feeling cared for and confident in your own skin!

My Philosophy

Client Testimonies


Amazing experience! Feels like a getaway for you and your skin. Victoria is so good, careful and knowledgeable about the skin. I felt comfortable to try new treatments and so glad I did, my face was glowing after, skin felt smooth and hydrated and the add-ons really improved the overall look. Thank you Victoria, you’re amazing at what you do!



Amazing!!! Easily the best facial I've ever had and the massage was the icing on the cake. If anyone ever needs to treat themselves, I can't recommend Victoria highly enough. She's knowledgeable about all things skin care and personalizes every treatment. I left feeling relaxed and very pampered (with glowing skin!).

My Signature facial was exactly how I hoped it would be. I love that everyone gets what they need for THEIR OWN skin. This isn't just a bunch of product rubbed on and wiped off to the sound of a spa soundtrack. Victoria definitely loves skin care. And I kind of feel like I'm 20 again when I feel my face.

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