Facial Treatments

There is a wealth of misinformation about skincare and it can be difficult to find the truth. My goal is to help you make choices that are best for your skin and to be your skin’s ongoing therapist. Talking with an expert will save you countless hours and hassle. This in-studio or virtual consultation is ideal for those who need help with their skin but don’t necessarily want / require treatments yet.  I won’t overpromise and I will never sell you a product or service you don’t need.

For new clients, this option blocks out time for consultation and treatment, without having to worry about which treatment is right for you. It includes a consultation, skin analysis, and 1-hour custom facial treatment.

Upgrades are available on the day if there is a particular treatment of higher cost that is more applicable.

The signature facial is a bespoke treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is designed to repair the skin barrier and restore optimal skin health with professional-grade actives. No two treatments are the same and are completely tailored to the needs of your skin on that day using a cocktail of modalities such as massage, high frequency, ultrasound, extractions if necessary, resurfacing treatments, and personalized masques. 

This expedited treatment addresses your top skin concerns in a convenient amount of time. This service is ideal for maintaining your skin health between appointments, or if you need to quickly find a solution for a specific concern.

These advanced treatments are gentle but effective peels that target lines & wrinkles, breakouts, and pigmentation. The combinations are 100% customized which offers powerful results with minimal downtime. A course of treatments is recommended but you see results after just one treatment.

Nano infusion (also known as nanoneedling) is a remarkably gentle and noninvasive facial treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimizes pigmentation, increases cell turnover, and improves skin tone. It simultaneously resurfaces the skin with custom exfoliation and delivers active ingredients deep within the skin for better, longer-lasting results. With no downtime, the most immediate, visible change in the skin is a hydrated glow. 

This package consists of an 8-week course of treatments, alternating biweekly between advanced peels and nano infusion treatments. This advanced course will jumpstart your skin and accelerate your skincare goals. Commitment to a consistent home care routine is strongly recommended for best results. Cannot be booked by new clients. 

(15% off, value of $530) 

Microdermabrasion | Add-On $25

Exfoliate using a crystal-encrusted handpiece with suction to remove impurities and stimulate the skin. Can be booked with a signature facial or advanced peel.

Dermaplane | Add-On $25

Remove dead skin and hair using a thin, precise blade to leave your skin brighter and smoother. Can be booked with a signature facial only.

Extended Massage | Add-On $25

Relax with extra massage to release tension, relieve sinuses, and tone muscles with tools like cool globes or gua sha. Can be booked with any facial treatment.

Brows & Lashes

Henna is a stain that tints the hair for up to 6 weeks and the skin anywhere from 2-10 days. Service includes a brow polish and shape, and henna application. This can be a standalone appointment or an add-on to a facial.

Lash lifts are an advanced treatment designed to boost your natural lashes. It is a low-maintenance solution to perm the natural eyelashes –keeping them looking lifted and polished for 6-8 weeks. Service includes a lash lift, keratin conditioning, and tint in the color of your choice. 

This semi-permanent treatment colors your lashes for up to 6 weeks. This is a great treatment for women who already have polished, upturned lashes but want them darker. This can be a standalone appointment or an add-on to a facial. 

Body Treatments

This massage energizes the body and improves overall health by using long, gliding strokes. It can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility. Includes the application of hot towels and a facial pressure point massage to reduce puffiness and sinus tension. 

This bundle combines a relaxation massage and an express facial for a stimulating experience from head to toe. 

Treat yourself and someone special to side-by-side 30-minute relaxation massages and express facials. Includes an essential oil foot soak and sugar scrub while you enjoy a glass of wine.

This blissful stress reliever begins with an essential oil foot soak and sugar scrub while you enjoy a glass of wine. Unwind while two therapists perform side-by-side to help you relax, featuring an hour massage using hot towels and reflexology then a signature facial using professional quality products that are 100% customized to you and your skin. Emerge calm and refreshed! 

Makeup Consultations

In this 90-minute, one-on-one consultation, we will comb through your makeup bag, setting aside what no longer suits you, teaching you how to apply what does, and offering product recommendations specifically catered to you. You’ll learn a signature look to flatter your features as well as tips for any makeup techniques that have piqued your curiosity. Available in-person or virtually. 

Group Events

This creative offering may be used for so many occasions: girls’ night out, birthdays, bachelorette parties, mother/daughter events, or team building activities. They include refreshments, your choice of makeup or skincare lesson, and favors for each guest. These events are held on-site at a private lounge or the location of your choice. 

RENEW Events

Renew gatherings are a place women can enjoy each other’s company and learn about beauty in a sales free environment, both in-person and virtually. One meeting at a time, you can grow your knowledge, level up your skills, and boost your confidence with other women who are in the same boat as you.