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Why Beauty? | A Life & Renew Update

~| 6 minute read |~

This is a bit of a life update about my husband having coronavirus, how I’ve been handling it, and an announcement about Renew events. Also, a chat about the importance of beauty in an ugly world.

I want to start by saying I have received the kindest messages from many women asking where I’ve been and when I plan to launch new Virtual Renew workshops. Thank you! You have no idea how encouraging those texts/emails/calls are. 

I have been absent from my Candid Class platform for several reasons, the biggest being the sickness of my husband. To the best of our knowledge at this point, he did come into contact with and become infected by the virus that has the world so scared. We’re not sure how this happened but it did. We’re grateful his body was strong to fight off the disease without needing medical attention but let me tell you, having a conversation with an exhausted man about our plan should he get worse was terrifying. I did not sleep that night. I praise God that he was able to sleep, and 10 hours later the worst of the fever dropped. It’s been two weeks since his symptoms first appeared and he is not fully recovered but he is out of the woods. Thank you to those of you who knew what we were battling and prayed for us. 

Besides the extra focus I needed to put into my roles of wife, mother, chef, cleaner, entertainer, educator, and nurse, another reason I’ve been quiet is because in a hurting world where so much is at stake, I started to believe that talking about beauty felt like a disrespectful dismissal of trauma -or worse, like a slap in the face. I am happy to admit I was wrong. 

We are in a time of intense globally connected trauma. Be it direct or indirect, everyone has been impacted and experienced life changes in recent weeks and months. The list of ways people have been affected is endless… It’s all valid no matter its size because none of it was supposed to happen but it did. No matter the pain or how deeply it runs, it is real, important and worth healing! And I believe beauty heals in a way words cannot. 

Ever think about why we send flowers to those who are grieving? Sometimes sorrow runs so deep the only thing that speaks clearly enough to break through the isolation, fear and anger is beauty. In recent weeks, the flowers my 2 year old son would pick and ask to be placed in a vase on our kitchen table did more than make the room look pretty. It reminded me that despite pain, loneliness, and anxiety, things still grow. 

As someone who loves being with people, the last several months have been very difficult for me. To keep myself sane I adapted two things early on. The first was keeping a daily log of my days. With nowhere to go I knew my days would blur together so I committed to recording something everyday to help me keep track of time and remind myself no matter how dark things got there would always be a new day around the corner. My other project was creating a space for other women to come together to escape the depressing talk all around us and create some margin for self care, learning, and beauty. 

And every woman who entered that space thanked me! 

Since mid March, I have hosted 8 virtual workshops to inform, empower and inspire women in their beauty. Some women came because they wanted to learn more about skincare. Some women came because they liked the idea of investing some time in themselves. Others came because a lockin is a perfect, low risk time to practice makeup skills. One woman came because her wedding plans were disrupted and now instead of the big day she had planned with a makeup artist doing her makeup, she would wed the love of her life with makeup she did herself. All walked away feeling refreshed, more equipped, and even in just a small way, healed from the pain we endure in this world. 

The topics of Renew may look skin deep but the results of a woman making herself a priority and being empowered to make decisions are not. It’s not just about having attractive makeup or even feeling comfortable enough in your skin to go without it. Just like the dandelions my son delivers to me with a beaming face aren’t just about having a pretty kitchen. Beauty is unashamedly displaying life and inviting those who see it to believe that growth is always possible. Healing is always possible. 

I’ve seen evidence of this a lot lately. I’ve seen how my short experience making YouTube videos equipped me to transition seamlessly into virtual classes within weeks of life being turned upside down. I’ve witnessed women come out of their shell and approach each other without comparison in a world that thrives on division. I’ve heard the story of how one of my classes changed the life of a woman who had no idea she was violently allergic to an ingredient in her toothpaste! 

So I want you to know I am going to continue. I will be announcing the dates for my next Virtual Renew workshop soon. The topic is my most requested to date: retinol. 

And I will keep my promise to make this space a refuge from the chaos of the world so you can relax in a sales-free, agenda-free environment (unless it’s about sunscreen). 

I hope to see you there!