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The Candid Class Blog is a growing collection of resources curated to educate you on skincare and makeup, with featured tutorials for style inspiration. The blog is like a beauty toolbox, equipping you with new content to explore and play. 


Candid Class Services are where the WOW experiences happen. It’s here that relationships are built, opportunities are maximized, and transformations happen.


Each month I host educational beauty workshops on a new topic. These classes are standalone and fun as we learn unbiased information about skincare and makeup in a sales-free environment.


Coaching is when you meet with me for lessons centered on developing your knowledge, skill, and technique in skincare and/or makeup. We will chat about your skin concerns, what is most important to you, and what it is you would like to learn. Whether your goal is to improve the appearance of your skin or perfect some makeup tricks, this experience is tailored specifically to you and your skin. 

  • One-on-one customized session
  • 90 minutes
  • Person product recommendations
  • Follow-up remote consultation
  • $75
  • Coming Soon! Custom Skincare Sample Kits

Group Events

Whether you want a fun girls’ night out, want to host the best birthday party ever, or want to learn more about a specific topic with a group of friends, these events are perfect for you! They are private with custom content and favors. 

  • 2-8 size party
  • Custom coaching
  • 90 minutes - 3 hours (depending on the party size)
  • Personal favors
  • $35 per person


Makeovers are perfect when you want your makeup looking extra special, whether it is for a party, a photoshoot, or a wedding. Contact me with the date and time of your event and we will go from there.

I have been very intentional about keeping Candid Class its own private entity,  unaffiliated with any brand or company. This means I am not going to persuade you into buying from one company to earn my commission. If I have sponsored content on my blog, you will know right up front. My loyalty is to you as my client and the entire market is ours for the picking.

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