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My Minimal Makeup Routine

~| 4 minute read |~


It will probably take you longer to read this post than it does for me to do my quickest makeup routine. This is my “I overslept and the kids are already awake” makeup routine.

Before and After {zero editing, natural light}


When I sit down at my vanity to apply my makeup, I normally turn on a podcast or playlist to help me keep track of time. The biggest thing that delays my beauty routine is being creative or being distracted. Giving myself the audio cues keeps me on track to my fastest makeup application ever.

The base products I include will depend on what needs addressing on my face. If my skin is recovering from breakouts or in otherwise in good shape (aka right now *knock on wood*) then I reach for a cushion foundation. It’s sheer coverage, buildable where I need it, and the fastest way to get product on my face. A pat pat pat, and I’m on to the next thing. If I need some heavy-duty concealing done (aka screaming spots or bags under my eyes like last week), I’ll swap out the foundation for a higher coverage concealer, use it to cover what I don’t want seen, and kinda double it as my foundation.

Cream blush is super easy to use and I use my fingers to blend. This brightens, gives dimension, and I find is the fastest way to wake up a complexion. At that point, my base can be complete. If I’m looking particularly sallow I’ll add a touch of liquid highlighter. Lately that hasn’t been necessary in 90 degree heat. I tend to develop my own personal glow  by 10am. 😉

I find if I fill in my brows, I can get away without eyeshadow. They frame my eyes and I am content skipping the extra effort of getting out a powder, finding a brush…

That’s not to say I skip mascara. If I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing mascara. It takes 10 seconds and is like an instant eye lift! I wrote an entire post about my best mascara tips if you are interested.

To finish my look, I reach for a lip balm with a lip liner OR I dab a bit of lipstick on the center of my lips to act as a stain. Honestly, it depends on what color I want. (I have more nude liners and more colorful lipsticks.)

And that’s it. A bit of foundation/concealer, cream blush, brows, mascara, and lips. If I had an extra few minutes I’d add a cream highlight, powder bronzer, and light-colored cream eyeshadow that sets. I’ve done this type of look countless times in the last few months and the aesthetic has really grown on me.


What about you? What products make the cut in your minimal makeup routine? Leave a comment down below!