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My Best Mascara Tips

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One of the fastest ways to make your eyes look bigger, more awake, and more prominent is to add a coat of mascara (or three). Whether you’re going for an invisible makeup look or full glam, these are my best tips for making your mascara fabulous.


Wait for the formula to dry. When you open a fresh tube of mascara, it can to be quite wet and hard to apply without smudging it on your eye. Opening it then letting it sit for a week or two (with the cap on, no need to invite bacteria to an exposed wand) lets the mascara dry down which makes it easier to apply as well as wear longer. This doesn’t apply to all formulas obviously, but if you found yourself hating a mascara, give it some time then revisit before giving a final verdict. **Obligatory reminder to not use the same tube of mascara for months on end. It is the fastest makeup to go bad and cause infections. This is why I tend to use one mascara at a time and use it up before reviewing another.



Don’t overload the wand. If you pull the wand directly out of the tube without removing the access either by scraping the wand against the side of the opening or wiping it on a paper towel (never a tissue, you’ll corrupt your tube with shredded tissue and dust in one use) I can guarantee you are over applying. It’s better to work in thin layers rather than have a gloopy mess that will have to be removed and combed out to unclump your lashes.



Use an eyelash curler. Having black lashes is good. Having black lashes that hold a curl is better. Some formulas of mascara are good at making lashes curly but they can’t replace putting the curl there in the first place.



Curl, apply, curl, apply. I used to curl both my lashes then apply mascara but since I tried curling then immediately applying mascara to that eye I won’t go back. In the few seconds it takes to curl the other eye and grab my mascara, my lashes lose at least half their curl. This method gives me longer, fuller, more separated lashes all day.



Apply from the bottom of your lashes. To avoid getting mascara on my eyelid, I pull my chin up and look down into my mirror. This technique lets me get to the roots of my lashes with a good application too.



Wiggle the wand. When someone told me the best way to full lashes wasn’t to add layers of product at the tips of my lashes, I was eternally grateful. With my chin up and looking down, I open my eyes, roll the wand against my lashes to the base of the lash and wiggle side to side before zigzagging my way to the ends.



Keep q-tips on hand. Even the best makeup artists in the world make a mistake and have mascara where they don’t want it. If the formula is waterproof, you want to get the smudge off as quickly as possible! Once it sets, it dries to be bulletproof. If it’s regular mascara, the best battle plan is to let it dry. 90% of the time it will gentle flake off without ruining your makeup. Either way, don’t wait for the blunder to happen before keeping a q-tip in your makeup stash.



Don’t judge your makeup until the mascara is dry. I often take a photo with my makeup completely done except one eye has mascara and one doesn’t. The difference is astounding but instead of trying to describe it with words, I’ll insert a couple photos here. The only difference is the mascara (and I flipped my hair because it wouldn’t stay out of my face).  


Be completely done with your eyeshadow and liner before applying your mascara. I can’t tell you how many times I have done my eyeshadow, not loved the results but still applied mascara hoping it would salvage the look to find out it still needed work. The problem is once you’ve applied mascara, it’s very difficult to work around the lashes to fix the eyeshadow behind it. This has always proven immensely more difficult for me when I’m working with bright colors because I will end up with fallout on my black lashes and it makes my look appear unfinished and sloppy.


Those are my best tips for mascara. I really wanted to round out the number with my top ten, but alas I was too efficient and only have nine. 😛 What are your tips? Leave a comment below!