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Current Makeup Trends & How To Make Them Work For You

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Trends come and go quickly. Sometimes they pass so quickly that by the time you’ve bought all the newest products and mastered the look, you’re already out of style. No industry knows this better than the beauty world, which is why they are always marketing and we are never satisfied. But knowing what’s trending can be fun and get us out of our familiar ruts. Today I am going to list some of the makeup trends I see that are lingering longer than usual and how you can easily create them for yourself.


Dewy skin

Clear, healthy skin is always in style but having your skin look glowy or dewy like you just had a mild workout is very trendy at the moment. I am a fan of this look and have been since before it was cool. My favorite way to achieve it is to actually have good skin and wear as little base makeup as possible. That’s a long-term investment though so for my often dehydrated skin I keep a hydrating primer and glossy finish foundation on hand. If you are on the opposite side of the skin spectrum and have more oily skin, your strategy will be to use an oil controlling primer and/or more satin foundation since you’ll develop your glow naturally. The matte look is not completely out, but skin looking like skin is in. This esthetic requires more time and skill then whacking on any old foundation but it’s more than worth it to me.


Highlight heaven

Along with glowy skin, intense wet looking highlight on the high points of the face is very popular! With the right shade and formulation, I think this can be absolutely stunning. Photographs really show this off all over Instagram and Youtube. A good test to make sure it’ll look good in real life on you is to apply it in natural lighting. The bright lights of bathrooms and studios make anything look good when in reality a poorly formulated highlight or too much of any highlight can look chalky and magnify texture you have on your face like fine lines or clogged pores.



We’re finally seeing extreme contouring in the rearview mirror! (Hallelujah!) I’m all for sculpting the face, but grey stripes have been the confusion of countless women for years and I’m happy to see it go for everyday looks. To replace this trend we have a much easier technique I like to call brontouring. It combines the shaping of contouring with the simplicity of bronzing. I use a large fluffy brush in a neutral tone bronzer (not red or orange) and slowly build up color on my cheeks above the hollows of my face but not quite on the highest points of my face then up to my temples and onto the sides of my forehead. This gives dimension while imparting a healthy appearance to the skin that’s so easy I could do it without a mirror -and I have, almost everyday…


Warm eyeshadows

Let’s move to the eyes. Blown out, blended into oblivion eyeshadows with warm undertones is the hot look of the moment. Warm eyeshadow palettes are in their prime and while I can get on board with warmer shades, I would stick to cooler tones if I was at a special event or taking photos and I didn’t want to date myself. Certain looks define a decade and that’s what warm eyeshadow looks are to me this season. I expect an uprise in their sales as we roll around to fall. If you’re down for this trend, use at least a dash of a darker color shade to ground your look and maintain stability to keep your eyes from looking bloodshot or tired. A nude pencil in the waterline will extend the whites of your eyes and keep the look cleaner. Also: mascara, lots of mascara.


Natural brows

We’ve had thin stick brows. We’ve had untamed bushy brows. We’ve had brows that are drawn on so razor sharp they look like they could slice your finger. Where we’ve landed for the moment are “natural” brows. (Can we all have a collective giggle here?) Brows that frame the eye but look like they grew that way on their own is what has taken hold. For women with full brows this makes maintaining them as easy as a brow gel to hold them in place. For women who bought into the stick brows hook, line, and sinker, this visage is harder to fabricate. Powder -whether a normal eyeshadow or something marketed for brow use- will give the softest definition to the brows. Pencils are well-loved for their ease of application. But pens are what you want if you want to create the appearance of hairs where there are none. Brow pomades are the product you want it you want sharp lines with lots of opaque color. I’m a pencil girl myself and I only apply where I have bare spots.


Uncensored lips

Unlike any other category of makeup in 2018, lips have the most range. You want a matte red lip? Sure. Metallic purple? You got it! You want seafoam green with unicorn tears sprinkled on top? Believe it or not, they have a product for that! When wearing darker colors, I tend to prefer a more matte formula because it is less likely to smear outside my lips but that’s the practical side of me talking. A clear gloss can transform any finish lipstick into a high shine look. A nude lip liner topped with a balm is equally acceptable! When it comes to lip products, the world is your oyster.


I want to know what you think! These are one person’s perspective on trends. What have you noticed when you’re perusing Pinterest? Also, do you tend to go with trends or wear whatever it is you like? Leave a comment down below.


Until next week,