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How To Film A Video: My Step-by-Step Guide

Before I started creating videos, I consumed hours of education about the best way to go it without falling flat on my face. I started by sitting down with my video creation guru husband and made a list of everything I should know. I thought the list was long then… But over the last 10 weeks of practice the list has gotten longer and much much MUCH more detailed. Today I want to share this unedited, unfiltered list with you!
Whether you are a content creator wanting to see someone else’s system, you want to make videos but feel overwhelmed and need a realistic expectation of what it takes, or simply want to nosey around my brain, I welcome you here. I hope this gives us all a better appreciation of what it takes to create media in any form. It’s made me much more grateful for the channels I watch!! … Continue readingHow To Film A Video: My Step-by-Step Guide