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How to Maximize Your Esthetician 

Welcome to our final part of the Finding Your Esthetician blog series. The first two parts dealt with how to find a facialist and then having a productive consultation with them. At this point, you have (hopefully) found a professional you like and are ready to trust with your face. We will move into how to cultivate a strong and productive connection with your esthetician.  … Continue readingHow to Maximize Your Esthetician 

How to Find an Esthetician, Part 1: The Research

Finding an esthetician who is local to you, exceptionally trained, and an excellent fit for you and your skin is no easy task. Word of mouth is one of the best recommendations you can get but it isn’t always that easy. In my next few posts, I’m going to tell you how to help create that match made in heaven between your skin and your skin specialist.  … Continue readingHow to Find an Esthetician, Part 1: The Research