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Are you still there? | Life Update

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for the blog so it’s high time I give you an update. Last I was here I was making videos and posting them to YouTube. I had given myself the lofty goal of posting new content every week for the year of 2019. That went fantastically until around July when I was at the pool 5 days a week for 6 weeks for my kid’s swim lessons.

The summer heat plus all the outdoor activities (plus not having central air conditioning) was not conducive to making videos. I am happy with what I accomplished and it was a great learning experience! Some of my biggest takeaways were:

  • You won’t know what you’re made of till you do the thing you’ve never done
  • You are bigger than your fear
  • If you set your mind to your task, you will do more than you imagined you could 

I just did a quick review of what 2019 held for me and I have to admit, I’m impressed with myself! Not to sound prideful but when you’re in the midst of all the doing you don’t actually realize how much you’re doing. It’s good to review and congratulate yourself for a job well done. It’s what gives you motivation to keep going!

I’m happy I took the summer off of Candid Class entirely. That was an intentional decision to be more present with my children and build the life my husband and I want for them. But when fall of 2019 rolled around I was itching to get back in the game! 

In September an acquaintance reached out and asked if I still did makeup coaching because her daughter was turning 15 and wondered if I could teach makeup techniques for her birthday party. Of course I said yes and we had a ball! I was reminded how much I love face-to-face interactions and how as helpful as videos can be they would never satisfy that desire for me.  

A week after accepting the birthday party invitation I was asked if I would like to present at a women’s Nifty Thrifty Christmas event. The task? On a budget of $20, demonstrate a full face of makeup on a model to a live audience in 20 minutes! That was no small task but I accepted. My goals were to make the model feel comfortable being makeup free in front of a large group and that she felt incredible about herself when I was done. When the event was over she said she never wanted to wash her face because she felt so beautiful.

I gave heaps of tips during the application and talked the audience through every step of the application so they would be able to become better artists themselves too. 

Those two events confirmed a few things for me:

  1. I needed to be using my communication skills by speaking to groups
  2. I needed to create opportunities for constant contact with women 
  3. I really could do this!! 

For a long time I viewed Candid Class as just a hobby but I’ve come to realize it has so much more potential then I imagined and I absolutely love it! Helping women realize their worth and then helping them reveal and refine their beauty gives me more satisfaction than most things I’ve done in my life up till now.  

The final detail that had to fall into place before I could forge ahead on my ideas was where to host my events. And lo and behold, in mid October a portion of my home which had been occupied became open and available to me. I had never tried interior design before but I set to work like it was my profession and in less than 60 days had a completely transformed space that would be welcoming and versatile for the many event ideas I had floating around my head. 

So where to start? For me, that meant making lists. Lists of everything I wanted to do. Lists under those lists of everything it would take to get there. Lists of crazy brainstorms I had at 11pm while trying to fall asleep. Lists of what each day would have to look like (including things like laundry, grocery shopping, changing diapers, and introducing educational concepts to two little kiddos). 

At the top of my list every time it came to deciding which project to launch first was what is now known as RENEW: monthly events I host with a different topic each month. They do not stack so you can pick and choose which topics interest you. I wanted to create a sales-free environment where women could be educated about skincare and makeup, and have a place they could practice their skills with a real person there to help guide them through the process. 

Last night was my first RENEW and it was wildly successful!! Every woman was engaged and asked questions. We all left having laughed together and learned something new. Some of the feedback was, “This is amazing,” “No one does this!” and “You’re hired for life!” We started the evening describing skincare as being overwhelming, confusing, ineffective and frustrating and at the end of the night the words changed to doable, clearer, and actionable. Thank you to the first group of ladies who helped make the inaugural RENEW such a success! 

I cannot wait for what’s going to happen next! Here’s what I know so far:

RENEW events are going to take place twice a month every month. Many people wanted to come January 30th but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts and if everyone HAD come who wanted to, I would’ve maxed out my space for my first event! What a great problem to have! So I’m going to host the same class twice and perhaps expand even further. We’ll wait and see. 

Another thing I’m happy to offer more regularly now are private party events. These can be the makeup prep for girl’s night out, birthday party lessons with favors for each guest, a group of friends who want to learn more about a specific skincare or makeup topic together, or anything you suggest! These events differ from RENEW in their custom planning and exclusive guest list. 

I also knew I wanted a more cozy, intimate area in my headquarters to continue offering one-on-one consultations. These have always been the backbone of my services and the best stories of transformation are born there! 

When I start thinking of everything Candid Class is and could be, my vision and dream for it, I can quickly become overwhelmed. Which is why I don’t do that…too often! Taking the lessons I learned last spring, I’m going to focus on the task in front of me and get things done one step at a time! Okay, and maybe still keeping a lot of color-coordinated lists… 

In non-Candid Class related news: I had my 1 year anniversary of working out in a class every week. I enjoy it and would very much recommend you try it. The community combined with the endorphins from building muscle can’t be beat. 

I have a lot of other ideas up my sleeve but they are not developed enough to be announced quite yet. Stay tuned! Also, my RENEW ladies always get a sneak peek of what’s coming next.

A hint for one of the next big things will be of high interest to those of you who are not local to my area…