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What a beautiful facial experience! Victoria was very thoughtful in her process and gentle to the touch. I felt very relaxed in her hands. When I had questions she explained things in a very understandable way. With her knowledge and her desire to understand my skin, I found myself relaxed and confident that the needs of my skin were met. I am looking forward to being under her care for my skin and beauty needs.
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Wonderful! My first massage in a very long time and it was amazing!
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I can’t believe the professionalism, everything you do is perfection, I love it and you have so much knowledge to give. I personally just love to hear you talk because I feel smarter, and I need all the intelligent conversations I can get. 🙂 Thank you for this time together. You are a gift.
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It was so wonderful!! I learned soooo much, and Victoria was like the queen of all things skincare! I loved the way she shared the info, the slides were BEAUTIFUL, and she taught me so many things I never knew or thought about! And she answered allllll my questions so satisfyingly.
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Your changes to my skin care routine has changed the condition of my face drastically. No more dry patches or peeling nose. My skin is so soft and supple. I have also become more experimental with eye shadows and their impact. What fun! Thank you for your coaching. Your knowledge has had a great impact on my skin but most importantly I love how you care for me!
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