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Amazing!!! Easily the best facial I've ever had and the massage was the icing on the cake. If anyone ever needs to treat themselves, I can't recommend Victoria highly enough. She's knowledgeable about all things skin care and personalizes every treatment. I left feeling relaxed and very pampered (with glowing skin!).
Beth D.
What a beautiful facial experience! Victoria was very thoughtful in her process and gentle to the touch. I felt very relaxed in her hands. When I had questions she explained things in a very understandable way. With her knowledge and her desire to understand my skin, I found myself relaxed and confident that the needs of my skin were met. I am looking forward to being under her care for my skin and beauty needs.
Louise M.
My time here was amazing! The host was such a blessing and a delight to be in the presence of. She also is very knowledgeable and heartfelt about what she does. I left with my skin feeling smooth and a start to become different for the better, as time continues. I would recommend her services to everyone.
Regina B.
This was the first facial I've had where I'm still seeing an impact beyond a couple days. Can't wait for my next appointment. I've been singing your praises to any woman that will listen!
Sarah F.
My Signature facial was exactly how I hoped it would be. I love that everyone gets what they need for THEIR OWN skin. This isn't just a bunch of product rubbed on and wiped off to the sound of a spa soundtrack. Victoria definitely loves skin care. And I kind of feel like I'm 20 again when I feel my face. I got my eyebrows done with henna. Totally new experience for me but now I think I'm getting them done all the time. This completely eliminated one of my least favorite makeup steps!
Amanda Y.