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Helping women reveal & refine their beauty 

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Whether it’s a special event where you want to look flawless, it’s time for a personal transformation, or you need a much needed pampering experience, schedule an appointment with me for your own marvelous makeover.

As much as I love doing makeup, I love teaching even more. Let’s talk tips and techniques for makeup already in your stash during these one-on-one meetings. Or gather some girlfriends for a group lesson with fun for all.¬†

Need to buy new products but are overwhelmed by the immense market? et me take the stress out of shopping by doing all the heavy lifting. You tell me what your skincare and/or makeup needs are and I will find the right products for you.

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Client Testimonies

"You never make me feel shamed or less than for not knowing or doing this stuff, you teach me how to use what I have rather than telling me what I need, and you cater to my budget in a winsome and reassuring way when I am seeking new product."
Director of People Services